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How to REPROGRAM Your MINDSET in 2024 and change your life to be rich

My promise in this video is very simple:

I'm going to share with you 100% why you are stuck in your business at a certain level, whether that's been like that for months or even years, and how to break through that. I'll explain what's actually keeping you stuck, rather than just considering this or that marketing angle. I've tried it all, and this is not a scam. I'm going to share with you what's really going on beneath the hood as to why this is happening. So, stick to the end of this video.

As a marketing and business growth implementation company over the past 10 years, we've conducted around 8,000 consultations every year and helped thousands of business owners. In doing so, many patterns emerge, and we clearly see why some are stuck versus those that are actually having success. Let me go through these slides and video and explain why you may be stuck in certain areas in your business and perhaps even in your life. That's my promise: if you stick to the end, you'll get the...

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How To Change Your Life In 3 Months (My 3 Step Process)

 Feeling Stuck in Life?

If you find yourself stuck in life, constantly battling low energy and procrastination, feeling like you're trapped in a never-ending loop, this video is for you. I'll share why you might be consistently doing one of two things that keep you in this failure loop. I guarantee that 99% of you who are not progressing are doing one thing but not the other. In this video, I'll give you a three-step process to boost your energy, increase your motivation, break free from procrastination, and achieve more in the next three months than others do in a year or more, all while enjoying the process.

Understanding the Failure Loop

We'll explore why you're stuck in what I call a failure loop, which involves both psychology and biology, and I'll show you how to change that. Goal setting is great, but it often leads to failure because of a specific missing piece. We'll discuss what that is. You might also be letting your feelings get in the way. Many people operate on...

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Struggling With Facebook Ads - You Need To Hear This


The Problem with Most Lead Generation

Running a seven-figure agency, I see this all the time. Why do so many people fail at generating leads or making lead generation work effectively? Often, they end up generating leads, trying to contact them, but the leads don't answer, claim they're not interested, or say it's not them. There's a bigger issue at play here: many people are just dabbling and not following through. I see this time and again.

The Dabble Dilemma

Typical business owners, especially those offering professional services, are used to referrals. When they transition to paid media, they start running ads, build a funnel, set up marketing software, and follow up with emails and texts. They might even hire a virtual assistant to call the leads. Despite all this, they fail due to a lack of follow-through.

Think about a baby learning to walk. It takes 9 to 12 months, and despite numerous failures, babies don't give up. They keep trying until they succeed. Similarly,...

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Introduction to Creating Facebook Ads for Lead Generation


In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of creating a Facebook ad specifically designed to generate leads for your business. This guide is ideal for beginners and focuses solely on the mechanical aspects of setting up a Facebook ad campaign using the instant form feature. This method does not require a website, making it one of the simplest ways to start generating leads with Facebook ads.

Setting Up Your Ad Campaign

Accessing Ads Manager

First, log into your personal Facebook account and navigate to the left-hand side menu where you will find the 'Ads Manager'. Clicking this will bring you to the main page where you can begin creating your ad.

Creating a New Campaign

Click the green 'Create' button. When prompted with various options, select 'Leads' and press 'Continue'. This choice directs you to set up a manual lead campaign, which is more straightforward for beginners.

Configuring Your Ad Set

Choosing Instant Form

In the ad set settings, you will need to select...

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How A Simple 3 Minute FB Ad Change Gets Higher Quality Leads


In this video, I'm going to show you how you can attract higher quality leads into your business by running Facebook or Instagram ads. Most people try to generate high-quality leads through their ads, the engagement process, follow-up emails, appointment setting, calling, and qualification, then booking appointments and possibly using a survey form. However, we will focus solely on the ad creation process to ensure you get high-quality leads.

You'll learn how to install a lead filter, allowing you to ensure that only your ideal clients who engage with the ad proceed further. This involves using conditional logic within Facebook's ad platform to capture leads' names, emails, and phone numbers, and to filter out low-quality leads by diverting them to other resources or preventing them from going further. Those who fit your criteria can then be seamlessly integrated into your campaign or onto your booking calendar.

With over 200,000 leads generated over the last 10 years for...

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How To Build A Lead Follow Up System That Gets Highly Qualified Appointments


Are you struggling to get high-quality appointments from your ads on platforms like Facebook or Instagram? These platforms allow you to potentially scale your efforts massively, but often, the leads you get might not be as responsive or trustworthy as referrals. Referrals come with built-in trust, having been vetted by someone else, which naturally transfers credibility to you. However, with ads, you might face issues like non-responsive leads or failing to secure appointments and sales, which can be frustrating.

In this video, I aim to guide you on how to convert these leads into highly trusting and qualified appointments. For starters, if your ad campaigns are not yielding results, I suggest checking out our video on our YouTube channel, Andrew CRA, or our blog at There, I have detailed the strategy that helped produce over 200,000 leads, complete with scripts and frameworks you can use immediately without any need to opt-in.

Moving on, let's...

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This Strategy Has Produced Over 200,000 Leads


Bad leads, no leads, leads are all over the place, coming in, not coming in, all over the place. Or the ads you're running are just not working well. In this video, we're going to solve that. I'm going to show you a framework that has produced well over 200,000 leads and still works like clockwork every day for us and our clients. So make sure you stay tuned right to the end because I'm going to show you not only how to collect leads but also how to get clients throughout the entire customer journey in the right way. This goes beyond just a couple of follow-up emails or whatever else you might have in mind.

Let's get into it. The first thing, the biggest mistake I see people make, is that they go to YouTube Academy or Mr. Google, and they just pop in and go, "How to create an ad." That's not where you should start. You should never start with the ad platform, whether you're using Facebook, TikTok, Instagram—it doesn't matter. You need to make sure that you...

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12,455 Leads and $2.31M In Sales - The MISSING Piece


Nobody is talking about this, but the journey from lead to client is often overlooked. Everyone seems focused on lead generation—how to get more leads, how to reduce the cost per lead—but what happens after you acquire these leads? How do you engage them, get them on the phone, or even more importantly, schedule qualified appointments that can lead to meaningful conversations? The goal, of course, is to convert these leads into clients who you can assist in transitioning from point A to point B, solving whatever problem your service addresses.

Hi, my name is Andrew, and I'm with Smart Marketing Success. In this video, I want to share with you how to efficiently and predictably move from obtaining leads to securing qualified appointments on your calendar. I'll also address common issues like leads claiming they didn't opt in or showing disinterest. But before we dive into these strategies, let's review a few fundamentals essential for any professional...

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[CASE STUDY] How Alex made $243K using Facebook

Do you have less than 1000 likes on your Facebook page?

No worries…

Because guess what?

You can still generate 50 new leads per month…without a huge Facebook following.

So many business owners think that the only way to build their businesses using Facebook is to generate tons and tons of likes. And that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I know it takes a little while to wrap your head around that.

So to prove it to you, I want to take you behind the curtain of one of my private clients’ Facebook strategy.

He’s one of the top 50 agents in Australia (out of around 30,000 agents). When we started working together, he was #29 within his network of over 600 agents. And now? He’s rocketing towards #1.

He also made $243K in commissions in just THREE WEEKS through our work together.

So suffice to say, I’ve convinced him of what I’ve known for years — that Facebook is THE smartest way to grow your...

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The 2 Phase Plan To Get Targeted Leads Using Facebook Video

This might be a stupid thing for me to say as a marketer…

But most people waste money with Facebook video ads.

I’ve been helping clients get results with Facebook for over 10 years and almost all of them come to me saying “Facebook video just doesn’t work for me.”

They’ve written a loose script. They’ve hit “record” and filmed themselves. They’ve posted the video on their page. Maybe they’ve even boosted a post.

And then…


Maybe a like from their cousin Jared or a comment from an old high school friend.

But no big engagement, no new leads, and definitely no new customers.

So they throw their hands up and say “Andrew, look. I tried video. And it just doesn’t work.”

hate it when people say this because Facebook video ads are THE smartest marketing investment you can make right now.

But unless you understand the difference between the two types of video ads,...

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