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Struggling With Facebook Ads - You Need To Hear This


The Problem with Most Lead Generation

Running a seven-figure agency, I see this all the time. Why do so many people fail at generating leads or making lead generation work effectively? Often, they end up generating leads, trying to contact them, but the leads don't answer, claim they're not interested, or say it's not them. There's a bigger issue at play here: many people are just dabbling and not following through. I see this time and again.

The Dabble Dilemma

Typical business owners, especially those offering professional services, are used to referrals. When they transition to paid media, they start running ads, build a funnel, set up marketing software, and follow up with emails and texts. They might even hire a virtual assistant to call the leads. Despite all this, they fail due to a lack of follow-through.

Think about a baby learning to walk. It takes 9 to 12 months, and despite numerous failures, babies don't give up. They keep trying until they succeed. Similarly, people often dabble in paid media or lead generation for a month or two, expect immediate results, and quit when it doesn't work like referrals.

The Fuel for Success

Another major issue is that many business owners set everything up correctly but lack the necessary funds to sustain their efforts. They might have a good ad campaign, a solid lead generation magnet, and an effective engagement process. They spend a couple of thousand dollars on ads, generate some leads, and then stop, thinking it didn't work. This is like building a plane, spending all your money on it, but not having enough fuel to take off.

Marketing is not an event; it's a process. Businesses often fail because they lack the funds to sustain their marketing efforts over several months. They might spend all their money on infrastructure and have nothing left for continuous ad campaigns.

The Long Game

Marketing is like investing in the stock exchange; it requires time in the market. On a micro level, you might see ups and downs, but the overall strategy is sound. Most people pull the brakes too early, needing hundreds of leads to achieve statistical significance.

The Conversion Conundrum

Even with leads, converting them is a skill many lack. Business owners often make the mistake of asking unsuitable staff, like receptionists or graphic designers, to call leads. These individuals might not have the right personality or interest in the task.

The Ego Trap

Another big problem is ego. Business owners often think they are excellent at sales because they've been successful with referrals, which come with built-in trust. When dealing with strangers through paid media, high skepticism and low trust are major hurdles. Building rapport isn't about small talk; it's about asking advanced questions that make prospects think deeply about their problems and desired outcomes.

The Realities of Business Ownership

Owning a business name or idea isn't the same as running a successful business. True business ownership involves marketing, sales, operations, and clients. Many business owners fail due to a lack of business acumen and understanding of what it truly takes to succeed.

The Lifeblood of Business

Clients are the lifeblood of your business, providing the financial resources needed to reinvest, pay staff, and build the business. A true business requires systems and a team. Without these, you're just self-employed and own a job.


If you're already getting leads, congratulations—you're ahead of many. However, if it's not working, consider that you might be dabbling and quitting too early. Marketing isn't a short-term endeavor; it's a long-term commitment. Just like a baby learning to walk, you need to keep going, one step at a time.

How long should you market? As long as you plan to be in business. Marketing never stops, and persistence is key to success. Keep moving forward, and you'll eventually achieve your goals.


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