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Get great new clients on demand...without the stress, hassle, or wasted time


We’ll help you find perfect-fit leads every month (based on your requirements to scale your business) PLUS help with working those leads, and appointment setters will book you qualified appointments (based on your criteria) with only the best, hottest prospects. 


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Smart Marketing Success is for established business owners who:


  • Want more clients but can’t spend all day chasing them
  • Know they’ve plateaued but just can’t find good clients to increase their revenue
  • Are ready to grow their business but hate the hassle of marketing, advertising, and following up with leads


If you can relate to any of the above, you’re not alone. Our clients tell us… 

They don’t have a predictable, structured way to get leads... 

...And when they DO get leads, it takes so much time and energy to turn those leads into paying clients. 

They rely on old-school strategies like referral partners and networking events to reach new prospects... 

...So they can’t control when and how many leads they get and spend some months drowning in referrals and others with none. 

They’re so busy serving their clients, managing cash flow, and leading their teams and they don’t have time to chase prospects... 

...But they know their business will wither and die without the lifeblood of new clients. 

They know leads are slipping through the cracks and they’re missing out on tons of potential business with the way they’re currently doing things...  

...But they don’t know how to follow up with leads in an easy, effective way and turn them into clients. 

They’re excellent at what they do and their clients are highly satisfied... 

...But they’re still their area’s “best-kept secret” and their business isn’t taking off the way they expected.

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And the 2 biggest reasons even the best business owners struggle to find great new clients?


Ineffective (or non-existent) marketing to reach new leads… 

...And an ineffective (or non-existent) sales process to book new leads into their calendars. 

Maybe you know you’re not doing enough to reach new leads and build your brand. 

Maybe you started a Facebook page or redid your website but it’s not predictably getting you any results. 

Maybe you’ve even hired a pricey marketing or lead generation agency to find prospects for you...but those leads never turned into clients with any regularity. 

Sales secret: There’s a huge difference between leads and paying clients. But 99% of marketing efforts stop when you get the lead.

Here’s the fatal flaw with how business owners usually get new clients:

PROBLEM STRATEGY #1: Buying leads

When you buy leads, most people on that list have never heard of you…

Probably don’t really fit the criteria you want for new clients…

Some who may not even be interested in your services…

...So it’s no wonder these leads don’t turn into clients with any regularity! You’re essentially trying to convince a stranger to trust you with their life savings.

Unless you enjoy spending hours chasing a lead, leaving voicemails, and emailing people who don’t want to hear from you...buying leads or working with a traditional lead generation company definitely isn’t the best strategy for easy, long-term, predictable growth.

PROBLEM STRATEGY #2: Getting referrals

Referrals are better, right? At least that way, a lead knows who you are and trusts you a bit because someone they know has recommended you. 

But the problem is, you can’t scale referrals. So you have to rely on referral partners or go to networking events or ask existing clients every time you want new prospects. 

And even then, it’s not guaranteed they’ll have leads for you...

...Which keeps you in the feast-or-famine cycle, where one month you’re drowning in new leads (and giving up your weekend tee time to call them all)...and the next, you’re staring at an empty inbox, praying that a new prospect will come your way.

What if there were a better, far easier way to get new clients on demand…


To find picture-perfect leads who are the exact type of person you love to work with…

...Who aren’t strangers but already know, like, and trust you...

...Without the bottleneck of relying on referrals or networking partners...

...And turn those highly-qualified leads on and off like a tap, giving you a fresh, steady stream of new clients on demand?

(And here’s the sweet, sweet cherry on top…)

What if instead of calling those warmed-up leads yourself...they were already booked in for a call with all you have to do is show up and tell them about your services?!

Just think:

If all you have to do to grow your business is hop on a few calls with hyper-targeted, warmed-up leads who are excited and ready to work with you…

How much time, stress, and hard grind will that save you each week? Month? Year?

And how quickly will your revenue grow as you close those new clients? (To start living the lifestyle you dreamed of when you started your business in the first place?)

Introducing Smart Marketing Success


S.M.S. is an easy, predictable, and structured system that helps you to generate high-quality, high-intent appointments (not just leads!) for your business.


Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

  • WE guarantee new clients or you don't pay, and we'll give you $5,000 for getting it wrong and wasting your time...
  • WE will help you find highly-targeted leads
  • WE help with warming up those leads using our 42-point follow-up framework
  • WE personally help with getting each lead called and triaged, to schedule an appointment with you...and only book in the most qualified prospects
  • YOU hop on the phone for a sales call to sign them on as a client

^^ Oh, and WE also give you the scripts and sales training on exactly how to close those sales calls in a way that feels natural and friendly; never pushy or salesy.

When we say “highly-targeted” leads, we mean it. We can pinpoint just about any characteristic that matters to you. 

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(Want clients who live in Darling Point? Drive luxury vehicles? Hate Vegemite? You name it, we can find them.)

But we won’t hand those leads over to you yet...

Because you’re still basically a stranger to them, after all. So we take those super-specific leads and introduce you to them — to build trust, show them who you are, and basically make them fall in love with you. (As much as one can love their financial planner, that is.)

That’s the magic of our 42-point follow-up framework. 

Every new lead will receive 42 pieces of communication from you — through email, text messages, even voicemail drops — full of quality information (think: tips, case studies, education, personal stories, client testimonials, and more). 

By the end of these 42 touch points, you won’t feel like a stranger to a lead; you’ll be a familiar, trusted expert.

(Keep in mind: you still haven’t put in any legwork yet! We handle everything so far. And we’re not done yet...)

Throughout the follow-up framework, a friendly human on our team will call each new lead to deliver a personalized level of customer service and invite them to a call with you. 

We don’t do this just to save you the hassle of setting up appointments yourself...

Or just to make the lead feel like your brand delivers exceptional, high-touch service...

(Although it does tick both those boxes.)

By speaking to every lead, we make sure they hit all your key criteria before booking a call. We filter out anyone who’s not exactly the type of client you want and doesn’t have high intent to work with you…

...Which means you won’t waste a single minute speaking to a wrong-fit or not-ready lead again.

That’s how Smart Marketing Success delivers booked appointments with high-quality, ready-to-say-“yes” prospects...instead of the random leads other marketing companies send you.

And the best part? We handle ALL OF IT behind-the-scenes for you can spend your energy elsewhere.

The first (and only) time you get involved is when we book you a new appointment with a red-hot lead. 

We’ve already sent that lead your call details so the only thing you need to do is show up to the call and close the sale. (Which, because they’ve been warmed up so well and you’ve got our proven sales scripts, is like shooting fish in a barrel.)

So instead of wasting your time chasing cold leads who don’t even know your name (like what often happens when you work with a lead gen company)...

OR wasting your time talking to leads who aren’t quite the right fit or aren’t ready to say “yes” (like what often happens when you get referrals)...

You’ll ONLY speak with highly-targeted leads who are the perfect fit for your business, who already know, like, and trust you, and are ready and excited to sign up as a client.

“In the space of a week, I had 3 new prospect calls. After 8 appointments — for every $1 spent, I’ve seen $20+ in ROI. Insane!” - Jeremy

“Working with Andrew doubled my business and gave me record months. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars in return.” - Louise

“Over 30 days, I’ve had over 100 leads coming in and 10% of them have booked appointments with me.” - Michael J.

“In the last 8 weeks, we have 11 new clients. I highly recommend Andrew.” - Don G.

“I have over 50 new lead appointment requests in just a few weeks. I can’t keep up!” - Joe

“From our first campaign, we’ve already secured new clients. It’s been a very profitable exercise.” - David H.

1 Week And 3 Qualified Appointments Already!


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Jeremy Chiel - Financial Planner:




Who am I to tell you all this?

Hi, I’m Andrew Krauksts.

And like you, I spent years working in the services industry. Also like you, I wanted to grow my business but wasn’t willing to sacrifice my free time or mental health to increase my revenue.

Back in 2012, I started experimenting with this new thing called “Facebook” (maybe you’ve heard of it? 🙂) to get new clients. I instantly fell in love with the ease, predictability, and structure that digital marketing provided and became obsessed with learning as much as possible. I earned a few new stamps in my passport attending digital marketing conferences around the world and studying under the best in the biz.

I applied what I was learning in real-time in my business and quickly zeroed in on the strategies that made the biggest impact. To date, I’ve generated 10,000s of leads online, which allowed me to build a 7-figure business without sacrificing my laid-back lifestyle.


...And others in the services industry started to take notice and ask me to show them what I was doing. I’ve been teaching digital marketing and helping business owners find qualified clients since 2013.

Using my digital marketing strategies, my clients have gotten incredible results, like:

  • Doubling their business
  • Seeing 2,000% ROI
  • Getting a new client 2 days after their first campaign
  • Generating 11 new clients in 8 weeks

I’ve helped over 3,000 business owners worldwide get qualified leads online and turn those leads into paying clients without spending loads of time, energy, or stress marketing. 

And if you’re ready, I’d love to help you do the same.

The Smart Convert Guarantee: New Clients OR You Don't Pay AND Get $5,000 For Wasting Your Time.

Most marketers won’t guarantee their results like this. So why do I?

Simple. I know the Smart Convert System works because:

  1. It’s based on proven digital marketing and sales strategies...
  2. ...That have worked to build my own 7-figure business...
  3. ...And thousands of my clients businesses

...So I’m fully confident it will work for you, too.

And before you even ask, yes — I’ll include the guarantee in writing in our agreement! 

So it’s a simple deal: You’ll either get results or we worked for free. There’s zero risk for you to try out the Smart Convert System for yourself.

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3 things Smart Convert does like no one else


Unfortunately, there are some marketers who give “marketing” a bad name.

Maybe you’ve even worked with one of them, who cost an arm and a leg but generated very little return and very little assistance.

We’re the antidote to inefficient marketing. Here’s what sets our Smart Convert System apart:


1. We don’t waste a single penny on advertising to wrong-fit leads

Most lead generation companies charge you per lead. So their goal is to send you as many leads as possible, whether or not they’re the right fit.

We do the exact opposite...and focus on getting fewer (but way, way better) leads. 

The Smart Convert System begins with the hyper-specific targeting of the Facebook, Instagram, and Google/YouTube ads platforms. These are THE most cost-effective targeting systems on the planet and provide access to billions of users. 

We filter all the people you could work with through your specific “dream client” criteria, such as…

  • Household income
  • Regional location
  • Profession
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education level
  • Employer
  • Family status
  • Favorite breakfast cereal ( ← no idea why you’d want that, but we can do it!)

Your ads will only be shown to the EXACT type of people who’d most want to work with you. That means you’ll never spend another penny showing ads to the wrong kinds of people...and never again waste time talking to a total-wrong-fit lead.

And unlike traditional lead gen companies, we don’t charge per lead. We keep it simple with one monthly price that includes your advertising budget. It’s one set price every month, never any hidden or surprise fees, even if you get extra leads.


2. We warm up new leads to know, like, and trust they’re ready to say “yes!” before you speak to them

You wouldn’t ask a stranger to marry you after one date, right? You’d need to get to know each other before they’re ready to commit.

It’s the same with your leads. Almost no one signs on as a client right away. But once they get to know you and get comfortable with you, they’ll be more ready to say “yes”.

That’s why we use our follow-up framework to connect with every new lead 42 times. We’ll create and send content that educates, tells stories, shares case studies and testimonials, gives great tips, and generally makes new leads feel like you’re a trusted friend they enjoy hearing from.

We follow up in a variety of ways — email, text message, even voicemail drops — which helps you feel like a real, three-dimensional person...not a robot behind a screen.

By the time you speak with a new lead, they’ll already know you, like you, and trust you as a true expert...which makes closing the sale almost effortless.


3. We call new leads and set appointments for you’ll never chase a lead again

We don’t deliver contact info for random leads.

We don’t deliver targeted leads who don’t really know you.

We don’t even deliver hot leads who already know, like, and trust you.

We deliver BOOKED SALES CALLS in your calendar.

We’re in the business of getting you CLIENTS, not leads. So we only hand over leads when they’re as close to becoming a client as humanly possible.

After a new lead has been precisely targeted using your unique criteria...

And while they’re going through our 42-point follow-up framework to know, like, and trust you…

They’ll also get personal phone calls from our team, checking in on how they’re doing and inviting them to book in for a sales appointment with you when they’re ready. 

And before booking those appointments, we’ll also ask qualifying questions to make doubly sure a new lead fits your desired criteria. (So you know everyone you speak to has the capital, desired traits, and high intent to work with you.)

Other marketing companies give you general, cold leads. We give you targeted, red-hot appointments. 

That’s the Smart Convert difference.