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The secret ingredient for posts (and ads) your audience will love

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me “Facebook doesn’t work”…

I’d be somewhere between Mark Zuckerberg and the Queen of England on the wealth scale.

Okay, maybe the money wouldn’t add up that quickly, but I wouldn’t go hungry, that’s for sure.

Most business owners think that Facebook doesn’t work because they haven’t seen the results for themselves. They’ve:

  • Put up some Facebook posts
  • Maybe even created an ad

…And they’ve gotten precisely zero new leads.




But here’s what’s important to understand…

The problem isn’t with Facebook. It’s how Facebook’s being used.

Over the years of working one-on-one with clients, I’ve seen one common mistake that stops Facebook from generating leads.

Once you understand this mistake, you’ll know the missing piece to create your own compelling Facebook posts...

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The right (and wrong) way to repeat Facebook content

Is fresh always better?

When it comes to social media content — and this might surprise you — the answer is a big fat NO.

There are a few big myths out there when it comes to social media. Things like:

  • You need to post 24/7 to get any traction
  • Likes and follower count is what really matters
  • Only celebrities can attract thousands of followers

But the biggest one of all is this:

You can only post content once…and then it dies a sad, slow death on your Facebook wall.

The truth is, repeating social content is actually one of the smartest ways to build your brand and leverage your limited time.

Before you throw stones at me for saying that, hear me out on why it works…  

What million-dollar advertisers do with their messaging

Before we get into social media strategy, let’s talk about advertising for a second.

Think about the logic behind commercials.

Advertising agencies spend thousands — or in the case of Superbowl...

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How To Create Your First Profitable Facebook Ads Campaign

Dirty words.

Facebook advertising has its share of them.

Maybe you’ve said some yourself — when you’ve thought, “Hey, my buddy Andrew built a multiple six-figure business and gets a steady stream of customers using Facebook ads. I see him hanging out on the beach in Newcastle and traveling and really seems to be enjoying his life. I should try it!”

So you go into Facebook, write up an ad, design a cool-looking graphic, and set it to play. Then you sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

And then? …Nothing.

After a few weeks, you’ve poured all this money in and you’ve got little (if anything) to show for it.

That’s when the dirty words come out. The four-letter kind.

After unleashing your frustrations on your unsuspecting laptop screen, you decide that Facebook ads don’t work for you. You give up.

And you mutter the dirtiest word of all, when you say it was all one big unnecessary…


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Create A Killer Video Ad In Just 5 Steps

Video is a hot topic right now. But so few people are doing it right. 

You only have to spend a minute scrolling through your News Feed to see that video's really taking off... 

Video isn’t just a trend for today — it’s only going to keep moving forward. So if you want to stay ahead of what's happening in the marketing world, you’ve got to get on board the video train.

And with Facebook video specifically, there’s an incredible, little-known, and very affordable way to turn casual viewers into satisfied buyers. I’ll tell you more on that in a minute... 

The Roman philosopher Seneca said that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” The opportunity for video is clearly there (and isn’t going away anytime...

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Create An Irresistible Call That Has Prospects Rushing To Talk With You

More phone calls with prospects. 

It’s what every business owner wants, right? 

But getting prospects to say “yes” to a phone consult isn’t easy. 

Most people sense a pitch a mile away and know how to avoid unwanted sales conversations...which makes them skittish and hesitant to jump on the phone. 

That’s why I always recommend my clients stop offering sales calls...  

...And start offering Irresistible Calls instead. 

As you can probably guess by the name, this type of call is irresistible to prospects. They’re intrigued by the offer and can’t wait to get on the phone with you.  

The call is also incredibly effective and closes a high number of leads, without ever feeling pushy.  

Even better than how well the Irresistible Call works? How good it feels.  

You’ll never feel slimy or manipulative to land a sale. So you’ll sleep well at night, knowing you’re...

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