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12,455 Leads and $2.31M In Sales - The MISSING Piece


Nobody is talking about this, but the journey from lead to client is often overlooked. Everyone seems focused on lead generation—how to get more leads, how to reduce the cost per lead—but what happens after you acquire these leads? How do you engage them, get them on the phone, or even more importantly, schedule qualified appointments that can lead to meaningful conversations? The goal, of course, is to convert these leads into clients who you can assist in transitioning from point A to point B, solving whatever problem your service addresses.

Hi, my name is Andrew, and I'm with Smart Marketing Success. In this video, I want to share with you how to efficiently and predictably move from obtaining leads to securing qualified appointments on your calendar. I'll also address common issues like leads claiming they didn't opt in or showing disinterest. But before we dive into these strategies, let's review a few fundamentals essential for any professional service-based business, whether you're a coach, consultant, or provide another professional service.

Firstly, I assume you've already honed in on your ideal client profile. This involves an in-depth exercise to understand their pain points and desires, and how your service can meet these needs. Next, the cornerstone of your customer journey process should be an irresistible, high-value offer tailored to your ideal client. This isn't just about promoting your service; it's about focusing on the client's needs.

Assuming you're already generating leads through various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, the next step is engagement. Most businesses use basic tools like spreadsheets or ad-hoc emails, which are no longer effective. In today's skeptical market, your engagement process must be robust, using marketing software that supports automated emails, conditional logic texting, voice message drops, and integrated booking systems.

Effective lead engagement involves educating potential clients through high-value offers, like free reports or webinars. This positions you as an expert and builds trust. Your communication should address common objections and include case studies that prospective clients can relate to. By consistently providing value and demonstrating your expertise, you increase the chances of leads wanting to engage further with you.

Once leads are interested, the challenge is to convert these leads into appointments. Many business owners mistakenly handle this step themselves without proper sales training, leading to poor results. Instead, employing a trained virtual assistant or appointment setter can significantly increase your conversion rate. They should sound natural and knowledgeable, using the right tone and language to reduce resistance and persuade the lead to book an appointment.

Finally, ensure your marketing efforts and messages are consistent and congruent across all stages—from lead generation to conversion. This holistic approach not only fills your calendar with appointments but also sets the stage for a thriving business that can easily scale up.

I hope you find these insights helpful. Stay tuned for more videos where we delve deeper into each of these stages to help you build a successful professional service business.




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