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Introduction to Creating Facebook Ads for Lead Generation


In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of creating a Facebook ad specifically designed to generate leads for your business. This guide is ideal for beginners and focuses solely on the mechanical aspects of setting up a Facebook ad campaign using the instant form feature. This method does not require a website, making it one of the simplest ways to start generating leads with Facebook ads.

Setting Up Your Ad Campaign

Accessing Ads Manager

First, log into your personal Facebook account and navigate to the left-hand side menu where you will find the 'Ads Manager'. Clicking this will bring you to the main page where you can begin creating your ad.

Creating a New Campaign

Click the green 'Create' button. When prompted with various options, select 'Leads' and press 'Continue'. This choice directs you to set up a manual lead campaign, which is more straightforward for beginners.

Configuring Your Ad Set

Choosing Instant Form

In the ad set settings, you will need to select 'Instant Form' as the destination for your leads. This option uses Facebook's built-in lead capturing system, eliminating the need for directing traffic to an external website.

Selecting Your Audience

If applicable, declare any special categories like employment or housing. Otherwise, keep the targeting broad to allow Facebook’s algorithm to effectively identify and target potential leads based on their interaction with your ad.


Set a reasonable daily budget; a minimum of $20 is recommended to give Facebook's algorithm enough scope to operate efficiently and gather sufficient data.

Crafting Your Ad

Choosing an Image

Add an image that represents your ad well. A simple way to do this is by clicking 'Add Media' and either uploading a new image or selecting one from those already available on your page.

Writing Effective Copy

Although this tutorial does not delve into copywriting details, remember that the primary text of your ad should compellingly address your target audience. The headline (or hook) and description should also be concise yet engaging, encouraging viewers to learn more or sign up.

Setting Up the Lead Form

Configuring the Instant Form

Click 'Create Instant Form'. Keep the introduction simple and directly related to the offer. You can adjust the order of fields such as name, email, and phone number according to your preferences.

Including Legal Requirements

Ensure you include a privacy policy link, a necessary legal requirement for collecting personal information.

Finalizing and Launching Your Ad

Once your ad and form are ready, review all settings to ensure everything is correct. Then, publish your ad. With these steps completed, your Facebook ad is now set up to start generating leads.


This guide provides a streamlined approach to creating a Facebook ad for lead generation. It focuses on the essential steps without overwhelming beginners with too many options. By following this tutorial, you can quickly set up an effective ad campaign designed to attract and capture leads for your business.


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