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Why Your Facebook Posts Aren’t Getting You Leads

Let’s talk about the elephant.

The one that’s standing over there.

In the corner of the room.

Giving us the side eye.

Because that elephant is the reason your Facebook posts aren’t getting you any new leads.

He’s also the cause of a common misconception about posting on Facebook — one that’s responsible for thousands of business owners posting, posting, and posting some more…and getting frustrated when they don’t see any new leads coming through the door.

So let’s jump right in and pick apart that elephant, as the saying goes, one bite at a time.

Why your Facebook posts aren’t getting you leads

Well….the short answer…because that’s not what posting does.

It’s kind of like asking “why isn’t this strawberry making my hair grow?” Because there’s no causation. One simply doesn’t relate to the other.

The elephant has been whispering in your ear “if you post it, they will come,” and telling you that new leads will just magically stumble upon your Facebook page.

But that’s not reality.

Posting regularly on Facebook is extremely important. It allows your audience to know, like, and trust you — things they need to do before they’ll ever consider working with you!

You want your business page to look alive, not like an abandoned warehouse. If somebody’s been referred to you and they jump on Facebook to check you out, they want to see that you’re active. Otherwise, they’ll click away, never to return.

But posting will ONLY get you leads if you combine your posts with one other type of Facebook content… 

Lead generation posts (namely, Facebook ads).

Whether you use an image ad, a video ad, or a Messenger ad, the process is the same: you’re asking the exact type of person who would be perfect for your business to take the next step.

…in your case, to provide you with their contact information so you can follow up and nurture those leads into paying customers.

You need BOTH branding posts and lead generation posts for a successful Facebook strategy.

The 5 categories of branding posts you need

Over my years of being a marketer, I’ve got branding posts down to a science.

When I work with my private one-on-one clients, we focus on 5 key post categories. These categories cover all the bases — growing your brand while providing value and showing the human side of your business.

For a successful branding strategy, you want to be posting at least 3-7 times per week.

And by the way, I use pictures for every post! There’s NEVER a post without a picture.

  1. Educational posts

Educational posts share value, almost like a mini blog post. They should take a follower about 2-5 minutes to read and absorb.


Why they work: Educational posts position you as the authority in your area. Instead of telling your followers “I’m awesome! I’m smart! I really know my stuff!”, these posts SHOW them those things. This helps create a sense of trust between you and your audience and builds credibility.

  1. Inspirational posts

Feel-good content performs very well on Facebook. In these types of posts, you can share a positive quote, an uplifting story, or a heart-warming photo — something that makes a follower feel better by viewing it.

By providing inspirational posts not related to your services, you show you’re a human outside of just work. 


Why they work: If you study Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you learn how important anchoring is. Inspirational posts connect you (the business owner) with a positive feeling, in your prospect’s mind. Over time, they come to link you with that positive feeling — which makes them like you — and more likely to say “yes” when you ask them to work together.

  1. Tip posts

Tip posts are helpful snippets. They’re similar to educational posts but much, much shorter. Each of those status updates will be 1-2 sentences, something that’s really punchy but gives the client something informative. You want a follower to be able to consume your tip post within a few seconds. 


Why they work: Most people scroll through their News Feeds quickly. Short tip posts give them something of value to position you as the expert that’s also easy to consume.

  1. Funny posts

Like inspirational posts, funny content puts your audience in a feel-good state. It’s another way to associate a good feeling with your brand and show you’re a well-rounded person. It also lightens your character by showing you like a good laugh. 


Why it works: Most people want to work with someone they like, who they can have an easy, honest conversation with. Funny content makes you relatable, which is exactly the quality you need to get new clients.

  1. Call-to-action (CTA) posts

Lead generation primarily happens by using paid promotion (Facebook ads.) But occasionally, you can get a new lead by using a CTA post.

CTA posts are posts that tell your audience to do something. You can talk about your services, link to your website, or invite your audience to give you a call. It tells people how to take the next step in working with you.

It’s good to keep these in the mix to cover all angles, to remind followers of how to take the next step. But don’t expect these posts to get you too many leads. You really need lead gen ads for that to happen. 


Why it works: You’re running a business, not a public service! Incorporating CTA posts reminds your followers of how they can work with you. Otherwise, you run the risk of being a wonderful resource and source of positivity…but one who never benefits from all the value.

I use a customised strategy for every one of my private clients. But there’s one rule of thumb I always stick to…

One CTA post for every five (or more) other types.  

CTA posts are a bit more salesy. So I always make sure I’ve shared at least five valuable posts before I put a salesy one in. Value has to come first!

I hope that helped put the elephant in his place and busted the urban legend that posting will generate new leads! And I also hope you now see why posting is so important and why lead generation alone won’t get you leads, either.

Lead gen and branding are two sides to the same coin.

Stick to the five categories and you’re on your way to a successful branding strategy!

When it comes to branding posts, you have two main options:

Option #1: Use your limited time writing branding posts, creating eye-catching graphics, and posting to Facebook.

Option #2: Use your limited time talking to more leads and making more sales.

With my Smart Marketing Success VIP service, I fully manage your branding and lead gen posts. I’ll keep your feed updated with educational, inspirational, tip-filled, funny, and CTA content to grow your brand and encourage your audience to say “yes” when you ask them to take the next step with your Facebook ads.

That way, you can spend your time in the areas where you excel (and the ones that make you money,) rather than spending hours trying to manage your Facebook account.

Want to learn more? Click here to check out my private Facebook management services.


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