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The New Facebook Ad (and supertool!) Top Marketers Are Using

I’m an addict.

…when it comes to the latest Facebook marketing trends.

Just about every day, I’m learning new strategies to:

  • find clients on Facebook
  • grow brand awareness and
  • make money using the platform

So it’s not every day that I discover something that really knocks my socks off.

Recently, I learned a new strategy that left me barefoot. (Get it? Because my socks were knocked off? Is this thing on?)

A few weeks ago, I had a really good chat with my friend Stu McLaren. If you don’t know Stu, he’s followed by over 120K people on Facebook and has built multiple seven-figure businesses.

So when Stu talks strategy, I stop what I’m doing and listen.

He told me how a new type of Facebook ad was blowing up his business at the moment. He was seeing results like crazy and it was changing the way he interacts with his leads.

He also clued me in to an incredible tool that essentially turned his Facebook Messenger into an email marketing platform.

Stu’s not the only one, either. I’d been hearing whispered success stories on this new type of ad around the online marketing space for the past few months.

So I knew I needed to investigate these ads for myself… 

Messenger Ads: The Facebook ad type that’s changing the game

You know the basics of a Facebook ad, right? They’re the ones you see in your News Feed all the time.

They look like this: 

The call-to-action button on the right usually says something like “Learn More,” “Download,” or “Shop Now.”

But in the Messenger ad, it says “Contact Us or Send Message.”

*mic drop moment*


 (Source: Facebook)


You’re probably thinking, “that’s cool and all, but what’s the big deal, Andrew? So people can send me a message from an ad. Why does that matter?”

It matters because it gives you a completely new way to follow up with that prospect. There’s reduced competition because very few marketers are communicating through Messenger.

And that reduced competition has the power to change everything.

I recently tested out Messenger ads myself and was blown away with the results. In just four days, I generated 58 new leads…starting at $1.90 per lead.

Why Facebook Messenger ads work

With Facebook Messenger, you’re meeting prospects where they already hang out and where they pay attention. Over one BILLION people use Facebook Messenger as a whole.

Messenger ads are less perceived effort than other ad types. The opt-in is as easy as them hitting the “Contact Us” button.

Once someone messages you on Facebook, they’re opening up a completely new communication channel. And because it’s new and different, there’s no promotional blindness like there is with email.

Let’s say the average email list has an open rate of 20-25%. That’s not bad, right? One out of every four or five people?

Messenger ads are seeing open rates of around 90%.

What would you prefer — sending out a message that gets 25% open rates…or 90%? You’d choose 90%, every time.

You can also send lots of different type of content within Messenger. You can send text, links, images, videos, buttons…there are so many options to create interesting and valuable messages to your prospects.

Marketers are loving this right now because it’s very personal, it brings you new leads really, really cheaply, and it allows you to get straight into someone’s awareness.

Learn more about Facebook Messenger ads (and how to use Facebook successfully) in my free training

The tool to supercharge the process

Normally, you’d have to individually respond to each new lead via Messenger ads. That’s not really managing your time very well — it’s like having to email each prospect individually.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to do that.

Because of an amazing software called ManyChat.

Essentially, ManyChat turns your Facebook Messenger into an email marketing software like AWeber.

Just like an email list, ManyChat lets you schedule custom, targeted messages to send automatically.

To give you an example, let’s say I was running a Facebook ad which said “I’m giving away a free Facebook marketing course. All you have to do is hit the “Contact Us” button and type “WIN” and I’ll deliver it to you.”

I can use ManyChat to set up an automatic reply when someone sends me a message after seeing the ad. It might say something like “Thanks for your interest in the course! I can’t wait to hear what you think. Click here to access the free training.” with a link. How’s that for fast service?

When someone hits “Contact Us” on the ad, ManyChat also automatically adds them to a Messenger list — a list that I can follow up with whenever I like.

I’ve been using ManyChat to nurture the new leads I generated with my test ad and I’m loving it. It’s so easy to continue the conversation with them through Facebook Messenger, sending out value-based tips or checking how they like the free gift, just like I would email broadcasts.

The power of ManyChat is that it’s just as easy to message 100+ leads as only one. Instead of individually messaging each person, I can create one message and shoot it out to my 100+ leads.

One message reaching hundreds or even thousands…how’s that for leverage?

But that’s not all… (said in my best TV infomercial voice.)

ManyChat allows you to create behaviour trees, to follow up with new leads based on specific actions.

You can build sequence trees that send customised messages based on different actions, like an artificial intelligence. ManyChat is very sophisticated stuff.

One MORE reason why Messenger Ads rock

Messenger Ads also give you the opportunity to retarget someone.

Back to my free course example…

I could put a bit of code (called a pixel) on the web page where I send new leads to claim their free course. When someone visits that page, it drops a bit of code onto their computer, and Facebook lets me show those people a specific Facebook ad.

I could follow up with an ad saying “What did you think of the free course? If you liked that, you’ll love my program on X. Click here to learn more.” 

Okay. As much as I want to be a geek and bore you with all the ways you could use Facebook Messenger ads, I’ll leave it here for now.

I just wanted to open your eyes to how the biggest names in social media are taking Facebook ads to a whole new level and how you can, too.

Want to go even deeper and learn how Facebook Messenger ads fit into the bigger picture of your marketing strategy? Click here to book a FREE Marketing & Sales Strategy Call


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