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The 2 Phase Plan To Get Targeted Leads Using Facebook Video

This might be a stupid thing for me to say as a marketer…

But most people waste money with Facebook video ads.

I’ve been helping clients get results with Facebook for over 10 years and almost all of them come to me saying “Facebook video just doesn’t work for me.”

They’ve written a loose script. They’ve hit “record” and filmed themselves. They’ve posted the video on their page. Maybe they’ve even boosted a post.

And then…


Maybe a like from their cousin Jared or a comment from an old high school friend.

But no big engagement, no new leads, and definitely no new customers.

So they throw their hands up and say “Andrew, look. I tried video. And it just doesn’t work.”

hate it when people say this because Facebook video ads are THE smartest marketing investment you can make right now.

But unless you understand the difference between the two types of video ads, you’re likely not making any money from them.

How Facebook lets you build an email list…without asking for emails

Studies have shown that only 2% of sales are made during the first contact with a new lead.

You’re unlikely to get a new customer just by showing them one video (or making one phone call, or placing one billboard ad.) You need to have multiple touch points before they’re comfortable enough to buy from you.

That’s where Facebook comes in.

The magic behind Facebook video comes down to two key features: tagging and retargeting.

When a person watches your video on Facebook, Facebook tags them. It drops a tiny little bit of code, called a pixel, onto their computer. And you can use that pixel to make a Custom Audience of people who watch your video to target future videos or ads to this person.

…without anyone giving you their phone numbers or email addresses!

This is marketing gold.

It allows you to invest your marketing dollars into following up with an audience who’s already proven that they’re interested in what you’re offering — instead of wasting money on people who aren’t the right fit.

You can retarget the people who watch your video with another post, another video, another ad…adding in more automated touch points until they eventually become a paying client.

Facebook has features that let you segment your Custom Audience into different categories and target your strategy and message either further — leading to even more conversions.

And Facebook video is one of the cheapest ways to advertise today. I’ve got some clients at the moment who are paying one cent per video view, (essentially one cent per lead,) which is amazing!

The whole process starts with people watching that first video. 

Why most people don’t see results with Facebook video

One reason people don’t see results in their video marketing is because they don’t know what to include in their marketing videos. (Click here to learn the five critical pieces of a successful marketing video.)

They also don’t differentiate between the two different types of videos every business needs.

In order to use the retargeting strategy above, you need to have both types of videos in your plan.

Having one without the other is like having a retail store without a cash register. Or a cash register without a retail store. They simply won’t work unless they’re working together.

Type 1: Branding videos

Goal for branding videos: Help people get to know you

Branding videos are like dating.

We go on dates to get to know someone. To learn what they’re all about. To see if we like them and if they’re a good fit for our personality.

When you meet someone, you don’t just ask for marriage straight away. That would be crazy, right? You date to get to know each other, like each other, trust each other.

That’s what the branding exercise is all about.

A branding video is really about introducing yourself to a target market. It’s making that initial connection and giving people an opportunity to connect with you.

People want to see you with happy clients, smiling, signing up a client, or even at home at a barbecue with your family and friends.

And just like you wouldn’t go on a date with just anyone, you can be selective about who you show your branding video to on Facebook.

If you want to target people in a certain suburb or area, Facebook lets you do that. Most people don’t realise that (which makes this feature even more powerful because no one’s using it!) But you can actually be very specific about your target market on Facebook.

You can also target by gender, age, marital status, occupation, household income, employer, interests…the list goes on!

Facebook targeting is truly amazing.

So you can choose to go on your “date” with an extremely select group of people, for extremely low cost.

Ready to create your first branding video to connect with qualified leads for only pennies?

Click here to learn exactly how to do it.

Type 2: Lead generation videos

Goal for lead generation videos: Get contact information from qualified leads

Lead generation video ads are very different.

A lead generation video needs to be shown after the branding video, once you’ve gone on a few dates and built up a relationship with someone (through tagging and retargeting.)

Lead generation videos are where you ask for marriage.

This is the point in the sales process where a lead is extremely qualified and very likely to say “yes” to your proposal. Timing is critical here.

The messaging of the lead generation video is crucial, too. You need to give people a powerful reason why they should give you their email address or phone number and take the next step.

Copywriting is incredibly important for this type of video ad. Whether people say “yes” or “no” to your proposal all comes down to what you say and how you say it. It all needs to be very strategic at this point.

You want to zero in on a problem that the client is having and offer them an irresistible solution to that problem.

It could be a free guide, a consultation, an e-book, a free training — something to help them continue their journey with you — someone they already know, like, and trust.

And all they need to do to access that solution is give you their contact information.

This system works like a charm.

I’m working with a client whose brand video has been watched just over 53,000 times in his target area. When we run the lead generation video ad to his Custom Audience of branding video viewers, our lead generation costs are halved, because they know him so well now.

So when you look at the lead generation video, viewers are like, “oh, we know who you are. And we like your stuff. So sure, you can have my email address if it means I can get help for my problem!”

We never turn off the branding — my client’s video is constantly running. It’s like a repeating TV commercial on air.

If that sounds like a controversial statement to you, stay tuned. I’ve got some insight to blow your mind about the power of repeating content on social media coming up soon on the blog…

Messaging is a critical component of a successful lead generation video ad. If you need help with your video script, we’ve got you covered. Click here to learn more.

The one thing you MUST include in your lead generation video

Lead generation video ads absolutely, positively need a call-to-action (CTA) at the end.

I’ve shared before that not all videos need a CTA. But lead generation videos do.

There is only one goal for these type of videos.

It’s not to have people get to know, like, or trust you.

It’s not to entertain.

It’s not to educate.

It’s to get a lead’s contact information.

At this point in the selling process, it’s time to move the conversation to email or the phone.

So you need to be direct and give the viewer a CTA. If you don’t, you’ll be pouring marketing dollars down the drain.

Remember, 98% of sales happen after the first meeting with someone.

When you “date” your prospects using Facebook, instead of asking for marriage straight away, you can increase conversion rates while decreasing your acquisition costs.

It’s such a simple strategy, yet so few people are applying it in the right away.

If you’re seeing the power behind this type of marketing and saying “I’d love to have a branding or lead generation video, Andrew. But, ugh, how do I produce one?” I’ve got something for you...


Let's hop onto a quick Marketing & Sales Strategy Call to map this process out for your business!

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