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How To Increase Your Brand & Lead Generation With These 2 Growth Strategies

You’ve finally found it…

This resource is specifically designed for those unfamiliar with how to increase their brand and get leads using Facebook.

So many business owners believe that their Facebook posts are going to magically flood them with enquiries.

Most come out of the gate swinging… they set up a brand new Facebook page, post something on their page every day… and then… crickets… and worse… they stop because it doesn’t work…

And all of this can be avoided when you start to understand the concept of: 

Front Stage, and Back Stage

You see, just like watching a theatre play, there is the front stage… the performance, that everyone enjoys for entertainment… they love what they see, feel good, and it keeps them coming back for more.

The backstage of course… no one sees what goes on…this is where the real work happens to bring the performance alive!

Once you understand how Facebook works… it’s actually really easy!

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It’s just that most business owners, spend all of their time of the Front Stage expecting to get leads… when in fact all of the leads are generated through the backstage work…

Let me explain.

Every business owner on Facebook needs to focus on the Front Stage AND Back Stage…

Let’s look at the Front Stage:

This is where you build your brand!

This is all about the look and feel about your business.

In terms of Facebook… it’s about:

  • Setting up your Facebook page
  • Having a professional cover photo that is congruent with your brand… check out it’s a graphic design freelance site, starting at $5 to create your cover photo.
  • A profile pic of you smiling (it is social media after all, avoid putting your logo there… social media is personal)
  • Make sure you activate the Message button and turn on the auto reply. 

  • Pop in your phone number and website address (preferably a link to your Lead Magnet – for the exchange of their name and email – now you have a lead you can nurture)
  • Upload a brand video (if you don’t have one, don’t worry, instead you can also use a cracker testimonial you have – post that along with what you do, how you can help etc) and Pin that post to the top (this means that every time you post something new, this post will remain on top for everyone to see)

If you upload a video, also upload a .srt file… this is to caption your videos... use
(the majority of videos on FB are now viewed with the sound mute… so having captions is a huge advantage in getting your video information consumed)

  • You must post an update on your page every day – this is to look alive… if you haven’t posted for the past 6 days, you look like an abandoned warehouse. 

  • Post educational content – it showcases your expertise and therefore builds authority and trust. 

  • Post tips, funny content, aspirational content (always great for shares & likes), and calls to action.

Now here’s the truth… too many business owners have been led to believe that if you do all of these things you will generate leads…. the reality… you won’t!

You may not even get any likes on your posts… but hey, if you only have a few hundred ‘likes’ or a few thousand ‘likes’, the reality is… the way Facebook operates… most won’t see your posts (unless you pay to boost them to your audience).

So why do it?

Because where it really matters is offline and online promotional traffic.

What do I mean?

Those that are referred to you offline likely will check you out on Facebook to make a determination if they may do business with you… and if your Front Stage is lacking any performance you may be judged badly… on the flip side… a vibrant Facebook page says volume about your brand… which goes towards social proof… and we all know that’s important in converting leads.

In relation to promotional online traffic… well… we’re now talking about your Back Stage!

Let’s look at what your Back Stage should look like:

Your back stage is all about the work no one sees that’s looking at your Facebook page. 

It’s also why you may see some business pages that only have a handful of followers, their page looks great… and they are generating a ton of leads… and most don’t understand… because they are judging the page by the fact they only have a few followers (front stage) and can’t understand how they are generating all of these leads (via their backstage work)…

Hello Back Stage... ðŸ™‚

Your back stage is about setting up a strategic marketing promotion. This is done with the help of the Facebook advertising platform…. 

It allows you firstly to get very defined on who you want to market to… 

This can range from placing a radius around your workplace to as far as nationally and beyond.

Once you have identified your target market… (HINT: you can even upload your client and prospect database into Facebook and run a promotion directly to your clients and prospects only – This Is Huge!)

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…the next step is to build your marketing funnel!

Once you have your target market defined and your Facebook page fully operational (front stage) it’s time to build your advertisement… the offer you are going to place in front of your potential customer.

The best place to advertise, by far, is directly into your potential customers news feed… through lots of testing, I have found the most successful place to advertise is within Facebook users' news feed on their mobile device.

Before you create an ad – what are you going to offer?

  • A free information report that solves an immediate problem for your prospect (and adds immediate value)?
  • A checklist to help them make their life easier about a certain problem?
  • A free training video that educates and builds authority and trust?
  • An educational webinar?
  • etc

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By far the best way to create an ad is using a Lead Form! 

This enables you to create an ad and a place to capture your prospects details right within the Facebook platform. It’s extremely user friendly and allows the user to click a button to request your offer, and in return, you get their details.

The final… and the most overlooked step, is to have a Follow-Up Strategy in place. There needs to be both a short-term and long-term strategy.

Some of the leads will be ready to engage your service today… and some will need nurturing.

What’s the best way to follow-up with a lead?


Always follow-up your leads with value and education… bring value into their lives and you will position yourself as a trusted authority to do business with…

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