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Create An Irresistible Call That Has Prospects Rushing To Talk With You

More phone calls with prospects. 

It’s what every business owner wants, right? 

But getting prospects to say “yes” to a phone consult isn’t easy. 

Most people sense a pitch a mile away and know how to avoid unwanted sales conversations...which makes them skittish and hesitant to jump on the phone. 

That’s why I always recommend my clients stop offering sales calls...  

...And start offering Irresistible Calls instead. 

As you can probably guess by the name, this type of call is irresistible to prospects. They’re intrigued by the offer and can’t wait to get on the phone with you.  

The call is also incredibly effective and closes a high number of leads, without ever feeling pushy.  

Even better than how well the Irresistible Call works? How good it feels.  

You’ll never feel slimy or manipulative to land a sale. So you’ll sleep well at night, knowing you’re delivering good, good value to your community while growing your business. 

Keep reading to learn how to create your own Irresistible Call to land new customers (it’s so much easier than you think)...


Irresistible Call = your secondary lead magnet 

Before we get into the details, I want you to stop thinking of this as a sales call… 

And think of it as a secondary lead magnet. 

Your first lead magnet gets a prospect into your world — when they trade their email address for your free report. 

Your second lead magnet takes a prospect deeper into your world — when they trade their phone number and a bit of their time for your free Irresistible Call. 

An Irresistible Call is really more like a coaching session, where you help your prospect discover something about themselves and get specific steps to improve their situation… 

...all free of charge. 

Why’s it free? After all, you’ve invested a lot of time to gather all this wisdom. Why just give it away? 

Because helping someone is a very fast and effective way to prove your worth and build trust...two crucial ingredients to get a new customer to say “yes” to working with you.  

When you structure your Irresistible Call the right way, you’ll use your professional advice as a STRATEGY to change your prospect’s mind and make them hungry to work with you. 

How to structure your Irresistible Call

There are four main parts inside every Irresistible Call. Of course, each industry will be different. But use these four building blocks as your call’s framework and customise as needed: 

Part 1: Identify where the prospect is now 

After saying hello and having a friendly chat at the start of your call, ask questions to understand where the prospect is, right now. 

By listening to your prospect describe their current challenges, you show that you care and start to build trust. It also gives you a starting point for your plan (more on this in Part 3…) 

To give you an example… 

Let’s consider Christine, a financial planner. Christine would start her Irresistible Call with questions like: how much money her prospect has in savings right now, what his lifestyle is like, and how much he’s currently saving each month. 

Questions to guide you in Part 1: 

What does your reality look like right now?

What made you sign up for this call today? What problems are you hoping to alleviate?

What have you tried to fix the issue (that ultimately failed)? 

Part 2: Determine where they want to go 

Next, move into future-pacing. Open up the conversation to new possibilities by asking your prospect about the reality they wish to have.  

By talking about their wants and needs, you remind your prospect how much they desire change. This again helps them feel heard and understood, building even more trust. 

In this part of the call, Christine would ask questions to learn things like: how much her prospect wishes he had in his bank account, what kind of lifestyle he’s hoping for in retirement, what age he plans to retire, what level of risk he wants to take on, etc. 

Questions to guide you in Part 2: 

How do you wish your situation looked?

What would you most like to change?

What would your dream outcome look like? 

Part 3: Provide a Plan

At this point in the Irresistible Call, you know where your prospect is starting from and where they want to go. That creates a gap.  

And it’s that gap that your plan will fill! 

Provide a roadmap for your prospects, with steps to bridge the gap themselves. Lay out a few realistic actions they can take to make their dream scenario a reality. 

By walking through your plan, you make the bridging of the gap REAL. You show your prospect that it’s not just a dream, it’s possible...probable, even!  

In Christine’s case, she would present a plan including items like:

  • Saving an extra $500 per month to build her prospect’s retirement account
  • Pursuing high-risk investments now and transitioning to lower-risk opportunities 5 years before he retires, to increase security
  • Restructuring his retirement account to maximise tax savings
  • Consolidating his various savings accounts into the one with the best benefits 

Here’s the key... 

You give away the WHAT in your plan...but don’t give away the HOW. 

Notice that Christine’s giving away the big picture, not the nitty-gritty. She doesn’t tell her prospect how to save money, consolidate savings accounts, or maximise tax savings. She’d have to hire her for that level of expertise. 

Part 4: Pitch your service

At this point in the call, prospects are seeing how their dream scenario could become reality. But they probably also believe it’s going to be hard to get there on their own. 

That’s why you’ll end your Irresistible Call by talking about your services. 

You never want to just launch into a sales speech, though. That will have prospects running for the hills. 

I always ask prospects for permission before doing this, so they feel that the call is all about THEM. I say something like: 

“I’ve shown you the roadmap to achieve your goals, starting from where you are now. You’re welcome to take that and put it into practice yourself! But with permission, I’d like to tell you a little about my services, which can help you bridge the gap quicker and much more easily. Is that okay?” 

Assuming you get their permission — which you probably will for most calls — walk them through what it would look like to bridge the gap with you by their side. Share relevant details about your service and tell them how it will help achieve their dream outcome from Part 2. 

When you end your Irresistible Call, remind them that it’s completely their choice: 

They can take the roadmap themselves and try to work their way through it… 

Or they can engage your services to get there easier and much more quickly. 

This wraps up the call on a positive note, with the prospect feeling completely in-control and not overly sold to. Even if they don’t become a customer, they’ll be a lifelong fan of your business — which is much more valuable than a short-term sale.

What happens if a prospect says “no” in Part 4? 

It’s possible a prospect won’t give you permission to talk about your services at the end of your Irresistible Call.  

If that happens, simply say, “Great! Well, this plan is yours to keep, it’s my gift to you, and I wish you loads of luck as you work your way through it,” and end the call with a smile. 

Because remember — one more time for the cheap seats 🙂  — your Irresistible Call is NOT a sales call. 

Offering these calls should always come from a genuine place, from wanting to help your community — whether they become a paying customer or not. 

That’s not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes business sense... 

The reality is, there’s a good number of people who won’t take up your service. Top salespeople can convert 1 in 3 to customers, so that’s a great number to shoot for. 1 in 5 is okay, too. 1 in 10 should still work, numbers-wise, depending on the value of your service. 

The goal: 1 in 4 🙂

It’s a numbers game 

Go into it knowing the majority of your calls won’t end in a customer and are simply going to give away good, good value. That’s part of the plan. 

The beauty of the Irresistible Call is that you’re helping the community while creating a gap for your services in a very natural way. It’s good for everyone. 

When you come from a place of heart, the numbers will take care of themselves. As long as you’re doing it properly, your business is eventually going to prosper.   

You’ll earn a good living and do some real good at the same time...what could be better?! 

Let us show YOU some heart (and a bonus).

You’ve read this far… you deserve a bonus: 

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